Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 6 - Level 1

Happy Friday!

Today marks my 6th day of the Shred! And let me tell you, I am feeling it! Let's see, Monday & Tuesday I did Level 1. Then, on Wednesday, it was pouring outside, so I couldn't do my usual Shred Level 1 and 30 minute run outside, so I decided to do the Shred's Level 1 AND 2! Oh my! That was rough, but felt very rewarding, so I'm happy!!

Then yesterday, I started upping my weights to my 5 pounders, instead of my usual 3 pounders. So yesterday and today, I did Level 1 with 5 pound weights. Let me tell you, THAT was a challenge! I really felt (still feel) the burn! But it's an awesome feeling because I know that I am working hard and am going to see results! I plan on taking Saturday and Sunday off from the Shred, and just go running outside, but we'll see where my mood takes me this weekend. :)

I wanted to take my measurements last night, but just didn't get the chance to. Hopefully I can do it sometime this weekend, to see where I stand. As far as I know now though, I'm down to 125 from 128!! Very exciting & loving this healthy lifestyle!

Happy Friday!!

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