Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pittsburgh Marathon: May 2, 2010

That's right, you read the title... MARATHON! 26.2 MILES!

Back in December, one day I decided that I wanted to run a marathon and have that be one of the things on my "Anna's Life List" to complete. So I did some research and discovered that the Pittsburgh Marathon would be coming up in May 2010. So I decided, ok I can do this!!

I talked to Lee and Jess about it, who are also planning on running the marathon, and we found a good training program to get us ready. Training started Monday, January 11, 2010. I'm now into week 3 of training and I'm doing great! So far, so good! I haven't missed one day of training yet. I'm being very disciplined with this. I think because I know that if I slack, , then come May 2 when I have to run 26.2 MILES (!!?!?), it will not be a fun day. So I am determined to stick to this training diligently, because I know I need to. Even in the snow, wind, rain (I don't own a treadmill), I run outside and get my miles in. It's all about layering, people! Most days, Brett thinks I'm crazy for running in this weather, but what days does he not think I'm crazy just in general? ;)

So, training is going well so far. I'm still trying to wrap my head around running 26.2 miles in a ROW... seems so crazy to me right now. But I am hoping as training goes on, it will seem more possible. I won't lie.. I am terrified. But what an accomplishment this will be to run a MARATHON. I would have never thought I'd do this in all my life. But I am ready! And so excited/scared! :)

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